If any inmate want to keep their dependent senior citizen temporarily for few days in Amar Ghar, he/ she can be kept for a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) days as guest on payment of Rs.200.00 (Rupees two hundred) per day, which includes the cost of food and accommodation. This charge is subject to revision from time to time.


  1. Prayer House (Namghar)
  2. Water Supply
  3. Light.
  4. Telephone
  5. Radio and Television
  6. Books, Newspaper and Periodicals
  7. Ambulance Service
  8. Auditorium


Weekly Health check-up is done by qualified Doctor of the Home. GNRC and Sankar Madhab Hospital of Down Town Charity Trust has also agreed to conduct health check-up once a week. For emergencies a nearby Doctor is made available.


Service of Cleaner and Washer is provided. Minmum detergent is made available by the management. The inmates will be responsible for keeping the compound clean.Occasional cleaning will be done by the management.

Buckets and mugs etc. will have to be arranged by the inmates themselves.


  1. Whenever possible the management arrange occasional outing for the inmates.
  2. Different cultural, social, literary and NGO groups visit the Home and entertain the inmates with songs, dances, cinema show etc.
  3. The relatives and friends visit the inmates occasionally and outside visitors also give them company, so that they don’t feel ever lonely.
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