1. The eligibility for admission in the Old Age Home is 65 years for male and 60 years for female. The authority however reserves its right of admission in the Old Age Home.
  2. The inmates are alloted one room in case of couple and one seat sharing with other inmate(s) in case of single where there will be attached bath and toilet and support services including supply of standard food suitable to the older persons. The charges are variable from time to time depending on the cost of living index.
  3. The inmates are required to execute an agreement with the authority for a room/ seat for living on terms and conditions laid down by the authority.
  4. In case the authority decides to get the room/ seat allotted to be vacated, it may do so by serving two month’s notice to the inmate.
  5. Inmates are not encouraged to bring and keep their own furniture, electrical equipment, kitchen utensils in the living room and use. If in case they desire to keep accessories like T.V. and refrigerator only the consumption charges thereof shall have to be paid as may be fixed by the management. However in no case inmates are allowed to keep any kind of stove, burners and similar items of fire hazards.
  6. The inmates are at liberty to choose their own medical treatment at any hospital in Guwahati or any Doctor at their own expenses. In the event of inability, the management shall arrange treatment at any hospital and the inmate shall have to pay the cost involved in such treatment.
  7. In case any inmate is found repeatedly misbehaving with other inmates,workers or flouting of rules and regulations of Old Age Home the authority will be at liberty to terminate the agreement and the inmate have to vacate and cannot have any say on his/her right.
  8. If an inmate desires to live peacefully for the rest of his/her life, the inmate or his/her sponsor shall have to give a written consent and deposit the amount to be fixed by the authority for parforming his/her last rites.
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